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 ATWEA is a town in Sekyere District, Ghana. It lies on the Mampong-Nsuta link road to Effiduase, 12 kilometres in between these two cities. ATWEA is surrounded by several smaller settlements which together form the Metropolitan Borough of  ATWEA, of which ATWEA is the largest and the administrative centre. The metropolitan borough had a population of 80,063 at the 2001 Ghana Census;  Atwea alone had a population of about 20,599.

 Historically, as part of its overwhelming cloud of visitors each week,  Atwea is noted of its three main HILLS surrounding the city known as (ATWEA BOUR; ADENKYIREWI and KROBO)  which believed to have been the hiding place for war in the 14th and 15th centuries.  Though these hiding memories are no more, but today KROBO Hill has turned to be a monumental place of worship or a place of seeking the face of God in times of need. (People must not forget the History of the Israelite and the number of times the Lord asked their leaders to meet them by the hills). In fact throughout the country there are several testimonies about this area of worship. The main villages surrounding ATWEA are ADUTWAM; ANWANYA and ABASUA, with ABASUA been the actual base of these worshippers. Each week there are over 50,000 people who come to this place to seek the face of God for their needs.


The first historical reference occurs in 1586 in the  Book of records, in which the clan of Aduana from Kumawu in the Ashanti region through war came to settle there. The city began with a total population of around 10 people. The exact origins of the name ATWEA is still subject to debate, but History says Lions came out from “ Atwea Bour” to chase the enemies of these 10 people out for protection.  Their settlement was therefore so essential due to these three hills which they believed to have protected them from been beaten by their enemies. They therefore named the city Atwea after the hill “Atwea Bour”.  Later, other clans such as Adarko, from Jachie and  Asona  also believed to have come from same neighborhood also join in to settle there.The town lay in the parish of hunters and developed little until in the 19th centuries when the people started indulging themselves in cocoa farming.  The inhabitants decided to build new towns where three roads met to link them together. Abasua to Atwea, Adutwam to Atwea and Anwanya to Atwea. Atwea however became their city centre. The people erected a chapel-of-ease dedicated to Saint Mary, which survived intact with reference to the Catholic Church.  

From the 20th century, ATWEA developed into a stop-off point on the route between the newly link road to Nsuta which brought the city to move from the old settlement to settle on this link road. The traffic generated as a result of this location fuelled trade, with great market in cola nut, cocoa and related services of prosperity.  Later in the 20th century the seventh-day advent church was started and grew to become the mother church to the inhabitants. Today there are also a lot of Pentecostal churches that are blossom in the city. 


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